Please refer to our delicious yet simple menu before placing orders:
Main Course
Aloo Jeera INR 40.00
Sev Tomato INR 50.00
Sev Bhaji INR 60.00
Paneer Bhurji INR 70.00
Mix Veg INR 80.00
Mutter Paneer INR 90.00
Paneer Butter Masala INR 90.00
Chole Masala INR 95.00


Jeera Rice INR 50.00
Matar Pulao Rice INR 60.00
Moong Dal Khichdi INR 70.00
Veg Pulav INR 100.00
Tava Pulav INR 110.00
Veg Biryani INR 120.00
Veg Fried Rice INR 130.00


Paratha Wali Gali
Aloo Paratha INR 100.00
Gobi Paratha INR 100.00
Mooli Paratha INR 100.00
Paneer Paratha INR 120.00
Cheese Paratha INR 130.00
Each Order contains 2 Portions of 6″ Paratha, Dahi, Butter & Pickle.


Combo Meals
Upwas Meal:
Sabudana Khichdi, Wafers, Dahi & Banana
 INR     70.00
Puri Bhaji Combo:
5 Pcs Puri, Batata Bhaji, Salad
 INR     80.00
Paratha Combo Meal:
2 Pcs Masala Paratha, Batata Bhaji, Dahi, Shengdana Chutney
 INR   100.00
Bhurji Combo Meal:
Paneer Bhurji, 5 Pcs Chapati, Salad
 INR   110.00
Paneer Combo Meal:
4 Pcs Chapati, Butter Paneer Masala, Jeera Rice, Salad
 INR   120.00
Chole Bhature Combo Meal:
2 Pcs Bhature, Chole Bhaji, Koshimbir
 INR   130.00


Small Dose Dabba: Option I – (4 Chapati, 1 Subzi, Salad) Option II – (2 Chapati, 1 Subzi, Half Dal + Rice, Salad  INR     60.00
Daily Dose Dabba: 3 Chapatis, 1 Subzi, Masala Dal, Rice, Salad  INR     80.00
Over Dose Dabba: 4 Chapati, 1 Gravy Subzi, 1 Dry Subzi, Masala Dal, Rice, Dessert  INR   110.00
Double Dose Dabba: 4 Chapati, 1 Gravy Subzi, 1 Dry Subzi, Masala Dal, Rice, Salad, Dahi, Papad, Dessert  INR   150.00


Plain Butter Milk INR 20.00
Masala Butter Milk INR 25.00
Plain Sweet Lassi INR 40.00
Flavored Lassi: Mango / Strawberry / Rose INR 50.00


Add Ons
Phulka INR 5.00
Chapati INR 10.00
Roasted Papad INR 10.00
Extra Bhaji INR 20.00
Plain Rice INR 30.00
Green Salad INR 20.00
Dessert INR 20.00
Dahi INR 20.00
Masala Dal INR 30.00
Plain Paratha INR 20.00


Small Dose 10 Meals INR 550.00
Small Dose 30 Meals INR 1,500.00
Small Dose 50 Meals INR 2,400.00
Daily Dose 10 Meals INR 750.00
Daily Dose 30 Meals INR 2,100.00
Daily Dose 50 Meals INR 3,000.00

We suggest you call us up to check the availability of service in your area. Food is prepared in a homely style and we prefer it that way so you can eat the same on a daily basis and feel light.

Special Care is being taken to prepare the meals in the times of CoVid-19 and emphasis is being given to the hygiene and the manner food is handled right from the source to delivery.

We firmly believe these are testing times and we shall come out of this pandemic stronger. We are with you in this. We strive to serve you in these tough times and our service remains open from Monday to Saturday for Lunch and Dinner and only Lunch for Sundays, giving our folks some relief on Sunday evenings.

Do let us know for any queries, bulk orders or feedback on or +91 99 22 01 84 24. We would love to hear from you.